Picture this:

You’re sitting on your favorite beach on a perfect summer day. You can feel the warm, soft sand between your fingers; maybe you’re letting the cool, salty surf lap up onto your
toes. You lean your head back and let the warm, summer sun kiss your face. 

I want to live in that moment forever, don’t you?

I’ve loved jewelry since I was a child. I love the enduring quality of good jewelry, how it can look so dainty and delicate but actually be so strong. I take those lessons into my own life: I want to be strong and sexy, delicate but daring, badass and bold. Sometimes, a simple but beautiful
piece of jewelry can simply remind us that we already are all of those things.

I want to create unique, fine jewelry that makes the wearer feel something: happy, strong, beautiful. And I can’t think of a better feeling to capture and share than the simple, natural joy of the August Sun—or the similar joy I feel when I see the smile of my own August Son, my boy
Magnus who was born on August 1 and has been my sunshine ever since.

So lean back, sink into the moment, and let yourself feel that perfect, sunny warmth. Bring it with you wherever you go. You never have to take it off.